Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some snazzy little first impressions.

Hello again! I'm being wild tonight and publishing a whole two posts tonight to make up for my absolute lack of blogging. I'm pretty positive that absolutely no one actually reads what I post but I've been finding it so darn fun just blabbing on about makeup - so at least I'm getting enjoyment out of it! Anywho, I subscribed to Ispy/Glam Bag a few weeks ago and received my first bag the other day and eagerly tried out the products (I gave the mascara and BB Cream to my mom) and decided to review 'em for you! 

{Also, I'm going to continue using a digital camera to take pics instead of my stinky iPhone camera! I hope the quality is a little better.}

NYX Blush in Silky Rose
This product alone was essentially worth the ten bucks I paid for the month. I've never been disappointed by NYX products and the trend certainly continued with this blush. The color of this product is the perfect rosy everyday pink and I've been indeed utilizing it everyday since I received it. I'm obsessed with the soft, silky texture of this blush as well, so incredibly easy to blend! This blush gets a 10/10 in my book! 

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
I'm a huge fan of anything exfoliating and after hearing the numerous positive reviews revolving around Michael Todd products in the Youtube and blogging community, I was oober excited to try this scrub out. This scrub is incredibly gentle and I would imagine would be good for an everyday use - it didn't feel too harsh and because this scrub is certified vegan there were no funky chemicals that irritated my skin. I loved the dark grey color of this product - it seemed a little scary at first but now it makes me laugh when I put it on. Although this scrub was good, it wasn't incredible. It made my face smooth but not like some homemade/drugstore scrubs have in the past. I do appreciate the natural ingredients though. If Michael Todd products were a little more affordable I'd definitely  be more pleased.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy
Can we all just take a quick moment to address how adorable the size of this lipstick sample is - so cute! Anywho, I'm very pleased with this product. First, I adore the color; it's a beautiful bright fuchsia color and applies on beautifully. The finish is smooth and moisturizing but not too obnoxiously shiny. This lipstick glides over the lips so easily and really blends well. I really love this product but I think some drugstore lipsticks do the same job as this little guy! I can't complain though.

Would you guys like to see monthly Ipsy reviews of some of the products or are they too overdone? That would certainly be fun for me! Let me know! Love all you little cuties :)

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