Saturday, August 17, 2013

50 random facts about me.

  1. I'm 5'11" and I absolutely hate it. 
  2. My first job ever was working at an animal hospital for three years. It was emotionally draining to say the least.
  3. I cry of laughter at least once a day.
  4. I hate to feed into the "Common White Girl" stereotype but I'm an absolute Starbucks addict. Venti french vanilla iced coffee with soy and two splendas is my queen.
  5. I've met Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, and Drake Bell and have also have been face-to-face with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.
  6. I always get judged for this but I really like "screamo"music; all my friends think I'm a weirdo but haterz gonna hate.
  7. I'm a future cat hoarder.
  8. I haven't eaten meat in three years and any animal product at all in four months.
  9. I was nominated top three as "Funniest" for my high school's yearbook superlatives but lost it to my friend. I guess I'm not that funny..
  10. I've never been stung by a bee.
  11. I'm literally obsessed with Youtube. I spend at least two hours each day watching videos and looking through my subscriptions. I need Youtube rehab.
  12. I'm constantly torn between pursuing a career in the music or beauty industry.
  13. I absolutely adore scary movies, especially ghost ones. However, I always regret them when I go to bed.
  14. I was a madrigal singer in high school. 
  15. American Horror Story and Orange Is The New Black are two of my favorite series, I highly recommend them if you haven't checked 'em out; I've also recently started Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones which I really like as well.
  16. I think seafood is repulsive.
  17. I have an older brother.
  18. I begged my parents to let me get my nose pierced for three years, they finally let me last year but I had to take it out for an audition and it closed up. Boo. I really want to get it re-pierced.
  19. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. I don't think I've ever done homework at home or studied for a test more than an hour before it.
  20. I don't have my ears pierced.
  21. I hated sushi up until last year and now I can't get enough of it.
  22. I'm dying to go to England and all of Europe in general. It seems absolutely beautiful.
  23. I hate hate hate any type of confrontation; a waiter can give me the wrong meal at a restaurant and I probably wouldn't say anything.
  24. I've lived in New York my whole life.
  25. I ALWAYS check behind the shower curtain before I use the bathroom; I swear one day there will be a killer clown hiding there waiting to kill me.
  26. Autumn will always be my favorite season. The weather, clothing, holidays, and scents are perfection.
  27. On that note, summer is my least favorite season. I do enjoy that summer means no school but I absolutely hate the heat and humidity and I  much prefer being bundled up.
  28. Sea otters are my favorite animal.
                 (I mean c'mon, how cute are they?!)
  29. I often have dreams involving my teeth whether they be falling out, disintegrating, or my jaw permanently locking. It's so pleasant.
  30. I desperately want to make a Youtube channel but I keep procrastinating because I'm so darn nervous. I'll be taking the plunge sometime soon.
  31. Evan Peters is perfection.
  32. My family used to have a tradition during Christmastime where we would rent a personal tour bus with all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles and would be driven around New York City and take little stops and just view the lights and such. It was so much fun and I'm super sad we stopped it.
  33. Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland are the reason I started blogging and I'm so so so happy I did.
  34. Carbs are my world. Bagels, pasta, potatoes, pancakes, pizza, are my all time favs. I'm quite the health-nut as you can see.
  35. My Doc Martens (I hate the fact that they're real leather), Levi's dark wash jeggings, and H&M dark green army jacket are the most worn items in my closet.
  36. My cousin Tara is my absolute best friend. Calling her my best friend seems like an understatement; we're just about as close as two people can be. I love her so incredibly much.
  37. I always get bad anxiety in movie theaters and the subway. 
  38. Lipsticks are my absolute favorite makeup product and I buy more of them whenever I get the chance.
  39. My guilty pleasures are Pretty Little Liars, The Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, and Wendy's french fries.
  40. Dan Howell & Phil Lester are probably my favorite Youtubers.
  41. I'm currently studying Opera and I really really love it; I have the most incredible and talented teacher.
  42. It's currently 1:03 am.
  43. I love any type of crime investigation show; fiction or nonfiction. I find it incredibly interesting.
  44. I quote Spongebob on a daily basis.
  45. I fell on stage last year during my scene of a play and it was the most mortifying moment of my life, hands down.
  46. I've never had a boyfriend.
  47. Miranda Sings is my soul animal. Just sayin'. Haters back off.
  48. I don't have my license (for no reason in particular).
  49. I share a bed with my beloved cat. He's fifteen pounds of pure beauty. He's pictured above.
  50. I love you all and I love meeting new people so please always feel free to shoot me an e-mail or message me on tumblr. I would enjoy it more than anything :) 


  1. Haha i loved the comment about checking behind your shower curtain, horror movies got to you! I now can't go upstairs on my own when it's dark due to my love of a good horror. Scarred!


  2. Haha, I love reading these posts - I bet your fingers were on fire! I am also dying to go to England/Europe. The different cultures, food, accents and everything that goes with that are so fascinating to me! Not to mention the different makeup brands..... ;)

  3. we don't have our license yet either! we're working on it though!

  4. Love this! Jealous that you've met Drake Bell!

    I've just followed you on gfc, it would be great if you could follow me back!