Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paul & Joe Smoothing Base: Review.


   Hello beautiful creatures! I was sent the Paul & Joe Smoothing Base from their limited edition Beach Baby Collection a few days ago and have been incredibly excited to review it ever since! The Smoothing Base claims to prime the skin, minimize pores, erase discoloration, and supply hydration for a flawless makeup application. Here are my thoughts...

     When I first dispensed some of this product I noticed it had a very faint pretty smell, which is always nice, and a pale orangey-coral color. I was a little hesitant about the color because I was afraid it would discolor my skin like the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer had once done to me, luckily however this little guy was fine! (Sorry for the semi-gross looking swatch.)

     The consistency of this base is pretty thick which was unusual for me because I'm typically used to a more light latex based or lotion based primer however I ended up liking this Paul & Joe one even better. Because this primer is so smooth and thick it ended up really covering over any dry spots, pores, and blemishes and truly created an incredibly smooth base for my foundation to latch onto. The downside to this consistency is that I felt as though I needed to apply more product to cover my whole face rather than a lotion/latex based primer that spreads thinly with a small amount of product. However, the outcome of this primer makes up for it!

    This base also definitely hydrates and moisturizes the skin which is great for me because my skin has been pretty dry and flaky lately. With ingredients like apricot extract, orange flower water, and white lily extract for moisturizing as well as apricot and jojoba oils that work as emollients, I feel good about putting this product on my skin. As far as the claim that this base instantly erases discoloration and dark spots, I didn't see a huge change, but with these great ingredients maybe I'll see a change over time.

     One last thing I adored about this product is how it really allowed my makeup to last longer than usual. It's been so insanely hot in New York the past few days but even through the sweat and heat the Paul & Joe Smoothing base kept my makeup holding on! 

Overall? I really love this product. It's unlike any primer I've tried before in the best way possible. I think it would be great for any skin type and it has awesome skin-loving ingredients! You can buy this product here


  1. Great to hear that this product is working out well for you. Loving the pretty tube. It's so cute and girly. :) I haven't tried anything from Paul & Joe yet. Definitely would love to try this base. :)

  2. I'll defiantly have to give this a go, thanks for the review.
    Jaz xx

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