Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I use to make myself smell like a girl.

My Most Reached For Perfumes
(in no particular order from left to right)
  1. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift: I’m absolutely obsessed with this scent. It gives off an amazing deliciously berry scent and the bottle is a complete reflection of the smell - pretty and mystical. I like to wear this during the day and night - super versatile. I never ever get bored of Wonderstruck, it's so good.
  2. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc JacobsI typically hate strong floral scents because they make me all nauseous and queasy. However, Eau So Fresh is the perfect amount of floral and freshness. It’s such a light, girly scent and is perfect for the spring and summer. I love this bottle as well - so cute and summery!
  3. Princess by Vera Wang: This is my newest perfume and it quickly grew to be one of my favorites! It’s smells wonderful with a combo of fruity and floral with a hint of a powdery-vanilla scent. It’s super feminine and I love this one for night & day! I feel like a lot of people would enjoy this scent.
  4. Pink Sugar by Aquolina: This perfume smells exactly like it’s name. It’s incredibly sweet and smells just like cotton candy - so yummy. I thought a scent this sweet would make me sick but it has a hint of freshness that makes it totally bearable. This is a great scent for younger gals as well as the older crowd!
  5. Be Delicious by DKNYThis is such a fresh scent. It’s a beautiful combination of mainly fresh green apple with a hint of floral. It’s great for anytime of year! I love it for nighttime, but it works during the day just fine as well.


  1. I wear Daisy every day and i absolutely love it, really want to try wonderstruck and princess by vera wang! xx

    1. It's the best! Yes, you should definitely try 'em out, they're so good! :)