Monday, June 10, 2013

My Makeup Collection.

Today I am here to bring you my beloved makeup collection. Although it isn't anything show-stopping or unbelievable, I'm proud of my little collection thus far. I'm currently in the process of re-doing my room and my next "project" is buying a vanity and revamping my makeup storage! So any-who, below is a little description of each section! Enjoy!

Picture 1: This is just the picture of my overall makeup storage! I believe I got the mini storage unit at Target for very cheap! And sorry about the blinding mirror :P
Picture 2: Since these products don’t fit in any drawer, I keep them on a box on top of the unit. Here I keep all of my liquid face products (foundations, BB Creams, tinted moisturizers, primer, etc), my three MAC powders, my most reached for palettes (UD Naked Palettes and Bare Minerals), some eye makeup removers, and my makeup sponge.
Picture 3: This is the first drawer of the unit and unfortunately these drawers don’t open all the way, so a few inches of each are cut off. In this drawer I keep my concealers and finishing powders, and a few highlights.
Picture 4: The second drawer of the unit; here I keep all of my blushes, bronzers, and the rest of my highlights.
Picture 5: Third drawer of the unit. This is where I keep a majority of my lip products.
Picture 6: The fourth drawer is where I keep products such as mascaras, eye liners, eye brow pencils, etc.
Picture 7: In the fifth drawer I keep mini eye shadow palettes, single shadows, eye shadow bases, primers, shadow sticks, etc.
Picture 8: Since not all of my lip products fit in the drawers, I keep my Wet N Wild and Revlon lipsticks on this little vintage plate right next to my collection. 
If you guys have any questions about my makeup collection, please feel free to ask! I know everything is kind of cluttered and it’s hard to see all of the products because they’re all disheveled and stacked, but I tried my best! OH I keep my brushes and bigger palette collection at another place i my room, if anyone was curious! :P

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