Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kat Von D Star Kissed Lipstick Set: Review.

Being that I received the Kat Von D “Star Kissed” Lipstick Set for Christmas last December, I figured I would do a quick review and some swatches for all those interested! You can get a good look at the set here and still buy full sizes of these little guys from Sephora!
Kat Von D’s makeup line offers two different finishes, one being her Foiled Love lipsticks which are more of a frosty-metallic finish, and the other being the Painted Love lipsticks which are a creamy non-shimmery finish. I definitely prefer the Painted Love ones seeing that I hate a frosty lip (on my complexion and skin type). 
Rosary:This is the color farthest to the right. It’s a Painted Love finish and gives off a deep red-burgundy color. It’s super edgy and vampy.
Would I recommend it? Definitely. To people that are more on the daring side, this color is an awesome statement color for the fall and winter.I think it would look beautiful on pale skin but tan skin as well.
Lolita: This is also a Painted Love lipstick and it is one of my absolute favorites of the set. It’s a beautiful natural pink and gives off a “your lip color but better” look.
Would I recommend? Yes, this is a great everyday color for work, school, etc.. but also would be beautiful with a darker or heavier eye look. I think it would look good on all skin tones. 
Underage Red: Also a Painted Love finish, this is a beautiful classic red color - often what you would think of a classic Kat Von D color. It applies super smooth even with chapped lips which is nice. I might venture out and buy the full size seeing that I have such a red lip obsession.
Would I recommend? Certainly! You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip!
Beranice: The last three colors of the collection are all Foiled Love. This color is really beautiful - it’s a red with a sort of pink undertone. It does have a decent amount of glitter in it but I don’t really mind it. I really like this color for around Christmastime!
Would I recommend? If you are into glittery red lips then yes! I like this color but I personally wouldn’t run out to buy it in full-size!
Forever & Never: I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this shade. It’s a metallic golden color and it definitely does not mesh well with my skin tone. I don’t know if it would even look good on any skin tone because of it’s super metallic frosty finish. It made me look like a guidette wanna be when I tried this color on.
Would I recommend? Not particularly.
Valentine: This lipstick’s name fits it perfectly. It’s a hot pink color with a ton of glitter and sparkle in it. It’s a very cute color but it’s not something I would wear or get a lot of use out of - except maybe on Valentine’s Day ha.
Would I recommend? It’s really pretty, just not the color for me! But if you’re into glittery pinks - GO FOR IT!
These lipsticks are overall great quality and apply extremely smooth and pigmented and have a decently long lasting power. Check em’ out!


  1. I love the last three swatches especially Valentine x

    1. Valentine is super pretty! Thanks for the comment! (: xx

  2. Kat Von D.. I knew that name from Miami Ink as a B&W tattoo artist, but it's for me new that there is some lipstick set named after her. :D

    1. Yep! She has a whole makeup line available at Sephora! She's great! :D xx